John 1 : Who is Jesus?

I am not sure that I ask myself the question enough, but as I read John 1 today I realised that I must ask the question every day.

New Life

Roll the stone away! John 11 Before Jesus brings Lazarus back to life he is told that Lazarus has been dead for four days, that it will stink in his tomb. In that dark place lay a dead man, a man loved by Jesus. In that place lay a stinking corpse, the rot had set … Continue reading New Life

Jesus. Mud. Miracle.

John 9 When Jesus meets the blind man, the man has never seen. He has been blind since birth. This man has never seen the light, he doesn’t even know what he has missed. He is a blind beggar, unable to do anything useful. This man is dependent on the world around him for charity … Continue reading Jesus. Mud. Miracle.

Your Tribe and Being Born Again!

And then Jesus stepped in. When I gave my life to Jesus I was convicted to beg for forgiveness for my racist attitudes, to be completely forgiven and to start afresh. Jesus changed my heart and gave me a heart for all nations.

Jesus Transforms

FindingThe Word

John 2: Water to Wine At the wedding Jesus performs the first of many signs. The first sign, on the face of it seems odd. Jesus could have chosen any miracle, any sign, but he chose to transform water to wine. Jesus chose a wedding. Jesus chose water. Jesus chose transformation. Weddings are all about … Continue reading Jesus Transforms

Jesus sees you!

John 1 : 43-51 When Jesus speaks to Nathanael, He speaks to us. Nathanael was under the fig tree, on his own. We know that He was earnestly seeking the Messiah and we know that whatever he was doing there, under that tree, in his quiet place, Jesus saw him. This is a wonderful message … Continue reading Jesus sees you!