John 1 : What are you seeking?

I love the words of Jesus.

When Jesus saw two people following him he asks them simply,

What are you seeking?

Of course, he knew and he knows because through Him everything was made. He knows our hearts, He knows our thoughts. From Him nothing is hidden. And yet He wants us to tell Him what we are looking for. Jesus asks directly, He asks truthfully and He asks openly – He asks you, today, ‘What are you seeking?’

It is an important question.

It was certainly important for me as I read this verse in John’s Gospel. I had to think carefully and truthfully about why I am following Jesus and what I am looking for and what I am expecting from my King. I had to consider my motives, my actions, my behaviour and my beliefs. For a start, I had to question whether I truly believe that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

Jesus is my Saviour.

I know that He has saved me, I have experienced the Holy Spirit in my life, I have experienced His power and mercy and Grace. I know that Jesus lifted me out of the miry clay – my life before I gave it to Jesus was a desperate mess, a dirty place filled with anger, addiction and loneliness.

Now I have life. Yes, my life is difficult, there is no magic formula here, I put my Faith in Jesus knowing that I will have trials, knowing that I will have storms, knowing that I will have trouble – but I also know that He is here, in the boat with me, He is in my heart, He carries me. I also know that the promise is that I will have to suffer for a little while, the promise of Jesus is hope in the eternal.

But is Jesus Lord of my life?

If Jesus is asking me the direct question, ‘What are you seeking?’, I must consider where I place Him in my life. If Jesus is my Lord have I given Him complete control over everything?

Do I realise that if Jesus is my Lord he has rule and reign over everything in my life, every day, every hour and every second? I keep trying to sort things out myself. I ignore the Lordship of Jesus and I forget that He is not the absent Landlord, but the ever-present help, guidance, encouragement and wisdom. I forget that the Lord fights for me whilst I am silent. I forget that Jesus is my light and my salvation.

Today I want to re-commit my life to Jesus. I want to pray that He will take it all, all the hidden places that I have made and built, all the problems that I have stored up for myself, all the time that I have wasted.

My answer today, to Jesus, is that I am seeking Him. I want to be closer. I want to be vulnerable, I want to be humble, I want to be His.

Will you answer Him today?

What are YOU seeking?

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