Jesus sees you!

John 1 : 43-51

When Jesus speaks to Nathanael, He speaks to us.

Nathanael was under the fig tree, on his own. We know that He was earnestly seeking the Messiah and we know that whatever he was doing there, under that tree, in his quiet place, Jesus saw him.

This is a wonderful message for us today. That Jesus sees us.

When Jesus taught the Disciples to pray, he said that they should be alone and that the Father would see what they did in secret and He would reward them. That reward would be his presence. When we pray, when we spend time alone with the Lord, He promises that we will be rewarded, that we would experience His presence.

And here with Nathanael we see this in practice. Nathanael is in his quiet place, under that tree, and Jesus sees what He is doing in private and he rewards him. Jesus assures Nathanael that he will see greater things, that He will see the Angels ascending and Descending on the Son of Man. Jesus takes the Scriptures of Jacobs Ladder and explains it, He is the ladder, He is the link between Heaven and Earth. When we pray to and through our one and only intercessor, Jesus, we have a link between heaven and earth. We have access to Heaven through prayer, we have access to our Father in Heaven, through the Son.

Whatever it is that you have shared with Jesus in your secret places, in your heart, in your prayers, in your thoughts – His assurance is that He has heard, that He sees you, that your prayers reach the Father, that He connects us to Heaven.

Those secret desires, tears, hopes. The broken heart, the shattered dream, the pain. Those secret conversations you had with the Lord.

If you have experienced the presence of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, then you will know this to be true. You won’t need a blog post to confirm it. Your Faith in Jesus would have manifested in the presence of the Father and you will understand what this means. If not, be assured by the reading today, that Jesus sees you, he hears you, He loves you and He cares for you. He is taking all that you have thought and said and prayed to the Father – our Father in Heaven, whose name is Holy, whose Kingdom comes, on earth as it is in Heaven – and it comes on  Jacobs’s ladder, the Son of Man. It comes through Jesus.

Receive Jesus today.

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