New Life

Roll the stone away!

John 11

Before Jesus brings Lazarus back to life he is told that Lazarus has been dead for four days, that it will stink in his tomb.

In that dark place lay a dead man, a man loved by Jesus. In that place lay a stinking corpse, the rot had set in, the stink would have been overwhelming.

But Jesus is not concerned with the smell, with the filth, with the decay, with the rot. Jesus is concerned with new-life.

This is a picture of our hearts and our lives. The rot has set in, we are dead in our sin. We may have become used to the stench, oblivious to it, but somewhere deep down, deep within our hearts, we know it smells.

And Jesus will go into that disgusting place where we hide our sins, our illicitness, our secrets, our lies, our shame, our addictions, our deviousness, our duplicity, our anxiety. And Jesus commands us:

Roll away the stone!

Do you know that Jesus is not put off by the filth. The healing hand of Jesus is outstretched to all who call on Him. He calls on us to roll the stone away, to allow Him into our hearts, to give up and to surrender to Him. Jesus, nailed to a cross took every sin you have ever committed on himself, He goes to the Father on your behalf, He intercedes for you and He heals you. Jesus forgives you, cleans you, heals you and loves you.

What have you hidden in your heart? What rot are you trying to build your life on? If the foundation stinks, it will continue to stink.

Remember that there is nothing too bad for Christ the King. These things you have hidden must be brought before the Lord, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them all to you and go to Jesus, ask for forgiveness, repent.

Roll the stone away!

Receive new life in the name of Jesus.

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