John 1 : Who is Jesus?

I am not sure that I ask myself the question enough, but as I read John 1 today I realised that I must ask the question every day.

‘Who is Jesus?’, not to everyone else or anyone else, but to me. As I thought about it this morning, I realised that the revelation we receive through the first chapter of John’s Gospel is inspired and inspiring. How often do I take Jesus’s presence in my life for granted? Probably every second of every day. And yet the picture of Jesus in John 1 should remind me that He was, is and always should be, the most important person in my life. The first and the last, the Alpha and Omega, the Aleph and Tav.

John tells us that Jesus was there from the beginning. He created everything with the Father, through the Spirit. Jesus created you and me. He knows my thoughts and my cares. He knows my worries and my deficiencies. He knows the best things about me and, despite the worst things about me, He loves me.

John reminds us that Jesus is Light and that the darkness has not overcome the Light. As we walk through our fallen world we often think that there is no hope. And yet, John reminds us that there is indeed! Jesus has overcome the darkness and as we seek Him, speak to Him and listen to Him hope finds us. As I ask myself who Jesus is I am reminded of what He has done in my life, the many (often forgotten) miracles of healing, growth, sustenance and direction. Jesus saved me when no-one else could. Who is Jesus in my life?

John reminds us in verse 17,

‘For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.’

What is grace and truth?

It is love, real love. It is a love that calls me back when I wander off, like the prodigal son, filled with pride and self-sufficiency – and when I return He speaks of nothing but grace and forgiveness. The truth hurts but grace is always there. The truth is unavoidable, grace comforts. Grace is loving me despite what I have done, what I have allowed into my life, into my thoughts, into my eyes, into my heart and out of my mouth. Grace is forgiveness; despite the truth of what I have done.

Grace is taking my sins and nailing them to a tree, making a way for me to a Father who loves me, forgiving me when no-one else could.

Grace is Jesus.

If you haven’t asked the question yet, perhaps it is time. Think about it, pray about it – Who is Jesus in your life today? If He is not the Alpha, the first thing that you do, the first person you speak to, the first place you go – then who is Jesus to you? If he is second, third, fourth – or perhaps you have shut the door and you only let him in when times are tough, blaming Him for absence when in fact He knocks on the door to your heart, persistently – perhaps it is time to ask the question and to face the Truth and to receive the Grace that is Jesus.

I pray that you will make Jesus Lord of your life. He has saved you. Now let Him sanctify you. Make Him the Aleph and Tav.

I pray this, with you and for you, in Jesus name.


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