Jesus Transforms

FindingThe Word

John 2: Water to Wine At the wedding Jesus performs the first of many signs. The first sign, on the face of it seems odd. Jesus could have chosen any miracle, any sign, but he chose to transform water to wine. Jesus chose a wedding. Jesus chose water. Jesus chose transformation. Weddings are all about … Continue reading Jesus Transforms

Jesus sees you!

John 1 : 43-51 When Jesus speaks to Nathanael, He speaks to us. Nathanael was under the fig tree, on his own. We know that He was earnestly seeking the Messiah and we know that whatever he was doing there, under that tree, in his quiet place, Jesus saw him. This is a wonderful message … Continue reading Jesus sees you!

John 1 : What are you seeking?

I love the words of Jesus. When Jesus saw two people following him he asks them simply, What are you seeking? Of course, he knew and he knows because through Him everything was made. He knows our hearts, He knows our thoughts. From Him nothing is hidden. And yet He wants us to tell Him … Continue reading John 1 : What are you seeking?

The Gospel of John

FindingThe Word

The Gospel of John was written by the 'beloved' one, the one who Jesus loved. This is an eye-witness account from the Disciple who sat next to Jesus, who spoke to Jesus, saw Jesus, lived with Jesus and believed.